Monday, August 12, 2013

Love the Peplum

So I am a new convert to the Peplum top. It is so stinkin flattering and forgiving on so many body shapes! I think this would be so adorable on a prego tummy!You can really dress up the Peplum to be super sophisticated or to be everyday casual-wear.

|Jacket: JouJou | Blouse:Tjmaxx | Jeggings:AE | Heels: H is for Halston |


Kjersti Helberg said...

Okay I am in love with your blog! First of all let me just say that you LOOK AMAZING! Holy smokes your hubby is one lucky guy! :) Second of all I love all of the outfits on here. How awesome. I think I only ever really was around you during sporting things so I didn't realize just how stylish you were. haha :D And I need all the style help I can get so I am excited to keep following you!

mysimplemodestchic said...

Thanks Kjersti !!! You are so sweet! And I am a total jock:)~ I think that's why I'm always itching to get dolled up and get my heels on:)! Thanks for showing your support and Following me!