Monday, August 12, 2013

Thrifting 101-Tips for saving more!

Some of my friends don't like to mess with thrifting because it can be time consuming and some days reaps very little rewards. But I am a treasure hunter, I love finding the needle in the haystack, so I don't mind the experience. 

So here are 6 tips for thrifting...
1. Familiarize yourself. If you just moved to a new town. Ask around to find and get to know your thrift stores, High-end resale stores, and consignment shops (don't forget Craigslist!). 

2. Make friends. Once you figure out which thrift stores you like, then talk to the people who work there. If you plan to be there often, why not make a friend or two in the process{am I right?}! Then ask when they hold sales/promotions, so you can get a bigger bang for your buck. 

3. Peek in often. Perseverance really does pay off. If you visit them frequently enough, you will eventually score an amazing piece {whether that's furniture, clothes or decor}. Most of these stores, get one time pieces all the time, but you don't usually see those gems often because someone picks them up the moment they come into the store. My advice: be that person! 

4. Be the first. If you are on the look for a specific item and you think you can find it at a specific thrift store, then make sure that you wake up early enough so you can be the first customer in the shop. Sounds silly, but it really does pay off! I can't tell you how many times I've stumbled upon a little treasure, only to have someone else right after me try to buy that same exact item.

5. Study up on your brands. Know, what each of the brands you like typically cost, so you have a frame of reference. That way you make sure you are getting a good deal! Just because it is being resold doesn't mean it's priced right!

6. Don't be afraid to haggle. Some stores are snobby about it but if you think it should be less, then mention it. If I ever think a price is too much (or if something minor is wrong with the item) , I'll ask if they can do a 10-15% off( graciously of course). The crazy thing is, that 98% of the time, they will give it to you!

Hope you enjoyed my tips! Happy thrifting!