Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Fix Jeans into Skinny Jeans

Because of my summer weight loss, I now have A LOT of pre-summer clothes that are WAY too big. Including some of my newly purchased colored skinny jeans. And since I'm way too cheap to just buy new ones, I'm fixing them:). 

Today was the day I finally got around to fixing them. The problem with these Jeans was that they were too baggy (from hips to ankles) & too long. The total time to fix them took between 30-45 minutes(1st pair 45 mins, 2nd pair 30 mins). So make sure you have ample time on your hands before you start mending your jeans:) 
Here's the Tutorial, hope this helps!

Step 1:  Remove the snap fasteners that are near the side seams.
*Make sure you save them, and put them back on once you are done with your alterations.*
Step 2: Undo the seam at the top of the side seams(About 6 inches) & the Belt Loop seam.
They should look like this now.
Step 3: Turn pants inside out and try them on. Then, pin them how you would like them to fit.
Step 4: Carefully remove pants so that the pins don't disfigure you. Then Sew along your pins. {I like to do a straight stitch the 1st time}

Step 5: After sewing them, try the Pants on again to make sure the fit is right. If it's just how you like it. Resew it once more, so that you have a sturdy seam. (If its not, just undo the seam and redo it.
 Step 6: Sew the top Waist band(3/4ths of the way)so that it lines up with the new side seam you just sewed.  **You will need to tuck the pants & Belt Loop into the waist band so make sure you leave the bottom part of it open.
 Here is a close up sewing the waist band shut(Which is incorrect). Which, I had to redo.
 Step 7: Sew the Waist band onto the pants and Belt loop back on
Step 8: After checking fit, Cut the excess fabric off(1/2-1 inch off seam)
 Step 9: Fixing the Hem Length: Just fold jeans, with the hem at the length that you want, then sew on top of the existing Seam. That way you keep the original Hem.
 Thats it, All done!
 Ta daa!
Let me know if you have any questions!