Monday, October 29, 2012

Running the Halloween Half Marathon

  This past Saturday,  I ran the Halloween Half for the second time. I love the nerves & excitement that come on race day. Trying to be at peace with all the training you have done and realizing that THIS is the day that matters and that you have worked so hard for. 

To be honest the hardest part for me; is reminding myself to keep pushing harder. I have a tendency to just be relaxed and take it like a regular training run. My BIL, came from Nebraska to run this race with me. He is a 1:30 HM runner and I knew if he paced me and I could survive running next to him I could get a PR. He was beyond great! He talked to me the first 7 miles and then we decided it was time to "race" and we kicked it into High Gear after that. I also had my good friend Kim run the last 2-3 miles with me as well, which made the biggest difference! We ended up getting negative splits the second half and finishing in 1:43.21. It was such an awesome experience!

   I'd run this race the previous year and it had been really tough but still really fun with the costume contest and music. Last year the course started at the BYU Sundance lodge and went down through the canyon, it had an up and back steep hill mile {at mile 7} but then the course finished by the Riverwoods shopping area. The views along the course were just gorgeous! This year they had some organization problems and last minute changes. The course got changed to Deer Creek (Which basically just cut out the steep downhill portion). It actually turned out being just as equally beautiful and probably saved our knees from unnecessary aches and pains. Even with all the changes, It was still a lot of fun, especially because I ran it with friends!
 In this race its tradition to dress up in a costume. So, we decided to dress up as dalmatians and Cruella Deville. We all made our costumes and they each turned out unique and great:)! I had done a tutu skirt the previous year and it was so annoying when running to have the tulle go up in between your legs during the whole race.

 So this year, I decided to make a pleated skirt underneath the Tulle and It was perfect!
 I was so impressed with how well all of us did on the race! I think most if not all of us got PR that day! For some of them this was their first Half Marathon, and they just flew down the course and had amazing times! I was so impressed by all of them! Cant wait to run our next race:)!
  So I ended up placing 11th in my division and was the 52nd overall women to finish. Not too shabby!
 One of my favorite things about races is getting to celebrate afterwards & relish in everyone's accomplishment!
Have you ever ran a half marathon before? Or the Halloween half?