Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Warm or Cold Complexion

Have you ever heard someone mention the terms "warm" or "cool" in relation to your skin tone? In order to choose the most flattering colors to wear, it's important to understand what these terms mean and to find out which ones best describe and flatter your skin tone. In clothes, as with makeup, the undertones in your skin as well as hair and eye color give valuable clues as to what shades will work most harmoniously with your natural coloring. These factors directly impact what colors will look best on you.
 I remember when I was 13 years old and a group of our friends got together to test this notion out. We tried on a dozen different colors on and took pictures to see how different colors accentuated/flattered our different features.It was super insightful and totally recommend you found out which one you are:)!
Dark brown or black hair
You're probably a warm if you have the following:
  • Deep red or auburn hair
  • Reddish or golden brown hair
  • Brown or green eyes
  • Olive or golden skin
  • Beige skin
  • Skin which tans easily
  • Yellow skin undertones
Warm complexions look best in these colors:

  • Red 
  • Burgandy
  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Golden yellow
  • Golden brown
  • Olive green
  • Gold jewelry


Light to medium brown hair
Cool complexions are typically defined by these features:
  • Light green, hazel or blue eyes
  • Grey or blue-grey eyes
  • Natural blond hair
  • Fair or pale skin
  • Skin which burns easily
  • Pink skin undertones
  • Veins have a blue hue
Cool complexions look best in these colors:
  • Red (with blue undertones such as cherry red)
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Turquoise
  • Purple
  • Mint green
  • Silver jewelry
Just because you have a warm/cold complexion, Doesn't mean you are solely limited to those colors mentioned above. You have to wear "your" colors! Just keep in mind: wearing warm colors if you're warm complected will look most natural and flattering, while wearing cool colors if you have warm skin can really stand out.

Hope that was helpful!