Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chic & functional design~Love my box

Can you believe Spring is almost here? I'm so ready for this Utah winter to be over! With spring and our upcoming move across the country quickly approaching; I've decided to get a jump start on spring cleaning & re-decorating. 

I consider myself a minimalist when it comes to home design. We don't like clutter, we like to keep it simple, clean, and functional. So for it to be in our home it's got to hold a purpose and of course be aesthetically pleasing. My hubby will testify to this:). I really don't like to put things on our book shelves, tables or night stands unless its going to be practical and look cute(And sometimes the cute factor even trumps functionality)! 

Which brings me to my exciting news. 
Did you know that Kleenex just launched an amazing new line of designs for their 90th anniversary? They have completely redesigned their boxes! They're now oval, eye-catching & sleek. I feel like once the tissue's are gone, I'm still going to be finding ways to use the box(Yes, they are that cute)!

But for me, the best part is that I don't have to worry about hiding/tucking away the box.The new designs are just so adorable and they have so many to choose from! If you'd like to see all of their designs, you can check them all out at Kleenex Style Studio. And not all the designs are feminine, those are just the ones I loved and fit well with my decorating. 

As a mamma of two little girls, I always have Kleenex readily accessible because messy hands & faces are a given in our home and life. Our girl's love them! When we first got them, they were immediately drawn to them. They kept asking me what they were and quickly looked for reasons to use them. And, I feel the same way!

Now the question is; which one do I keep for this front living space? I think they are both darling, and make such a fun & chic statement. But I still can't decide which one to keep in this room.

Which one do you like better:
 Or # 2

                                              Look  how cute these Kleenex Boxes are!

*This is a sponsored post where I have been compensated by Kleenex Brand, however all opinions are my own.