Saturday, April 25, 2015

Peplum & Polka-Dot Jeggings

 Top: Kylee Chiffon | Jacket: JouJou | Pants: Bella Ella Boutique | Shoes: Salt N Pepper | Purse: JCP | Jewelry: Thrifted
 So it seems like the polka dot pants trend is on the way out, they were all the rage in the fashion world last year. But now it's very rare to see anyone wearing Polka dot pants. Is this just my imagination? That's okay though, because I still love my pair of polka dot jeggings. They are incredibly stretchy and comfortable. Plus,I think once you fine the right pair that fits your style it's hard to let them go. I know I'll be wearing mine for a long long time:).

When it comes to finding the right pair of polka dot pants...I feel like the size of the dots and color of the pants make a big difference in the look you're trying to achieve.  I only own two pairs of polka dot pants. Both have ultra small dots, and one is a tan color and the other is a dark denim. The combination of the smaller dots and neutral color of the pants, add a chic element(In my Opinion anyway), were bigger dots are more fun/youthful. 

Same thing goes with the peplum trend. I haven't seen very many people wearing peplum tops since this summer. But I'm holding onto mine, they are super cute and fun (And will make for cute prego tops), so I'm going to keep on wearing them;).  

Do you own a pair of polka dot pants? What's your favorite way to wear them?