Thursday, June 20, 2013

Portable Kid Snacks-Fruit Necklaces

My girls are at the stage where they LOVE to help me make food. So today I let them help make their snack. We made a portable yummy snack: Fruit Necklaces. Every girls dream, right? 
 The girls just loved working on their necklaces and getting to eat it along the way.
 This activity was inspired by the bag of popcorn that was sitting on our counter. I wanted to give the kiddos something nutritious to eat as well as keep them entertained for more than 2 minutes. Plus we had a lot of yummy fruit in the fridge just waiting to get eaten. So this totally fit the bill! "Win Win Win"-Michael Scott
 I thought this would be a hard activity for my youngest, Hayden because she just turned two in April but she surprised me by concentrating really hard and "beading" her necklace without any complaints. I loved seeing them scrunch their little foreheads to focus their energy on their project. Kids can be so darn cute sometimes! 
What you'll need:
*A variety of fruit(We just used grapes and strawberries).
*Thread elastic cord(1/4" Wide) through a chunky yarn needle.
Then  you are ready to start beading your necklace:)!
                                                   I hope you enjoy these! I know we did!
Have you ever tried these? Did your kids like these?
Thanks for stopping by!