Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gifts For Him~The Golfer In Your Life

Kyle is a huge golfer, has been all his life. His whole family loves playing the sport, too. And, always have a few tee times scheduled in at every family reunion. It's fun seeing him share a passion of his with his family. Kyle took a golfing class this previous year & he said it changed his life:)! With birthdays just around the corner, that got me thinking about the best gifts for my golfing hubby. So, I made a list of 7 gadgets & gifts he would love. Hope you enjoy! 
1.) Practice Net-For many, weather doesn’t allow a trip to the course or even the range during the winter months{I know that's the case for us here in Ohio}. That’s why a RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice Net makes a perfect addition to your golfing equipment. It is portable, easy to assemble, and it has a two-net barrier system, making it safe to use inside or out.
2.) Yardage Finders - Let’s face it, gadgets are cool and golf gadgets are no exception. Your tech savvy golfer will love the Bushnell Neo watch. It’s the lightest and thinnest GPS watch out there, & it comes pre-loaded with 30,000+ golf courses. And, there are no download or membership fees.
3.) Golf Gloves- These tend to wear out quickly with a little time spent on the driving range and only a few rounds of golf. Having several golf gloves gives your golfer an opportunity to not have to worry about replacing them every couple of rounds. Plus, they make great stocking stuffers.
4.) Gift Certificate –This is a great option for those who are harder to buy for. A gift card to a new or different golf course allows them to feel the excitement of trying out a new course that offers different obstacles. 
5.) Golf Lessons- Getting a gift certificate for golf lessons is a great gift idea for your golfer. There is always room for improvement in someone's game. Being able to get an expert opinion on their swing would be a great gift for your golfer. Or if money is tight, a good alternative is coming out with your significant other & recording their swing for them.That way they can analyze how they are playing & tweak their technique/form to become better golfers.
6.) Balls- For golfers, there is never a problem with having too many golf balls. Many golfers tend to lose golf balls due to water hazards and out of bounds. So, this is always a great option!
7.) ClubsUsually, there is always a club that golfers could possibly replace, whether it is the driver or a wedge. This is the ultimate gift for your golfer. Whether you prefer to buy one club or a whole set, this gift would be amazing for your golfer. 
Have you bought a gift for your golfer that they absolutely loved? If so, I'd love to know what it was! Hope this makes shopping for your loved one just a tad bit easier!