Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Tooth Sensitivity& Crest

Today I got to do a fun collaboration with Crest and get to try out their new product for tooth sensitivity, Sensi Stop Strip

  I first noticed my tooth sensitivity during my high school years. Back then, it was only a mild ache & the pain would just come and go. And, I really didn't even know what the pain was attributed to. Since then, I've figured out it's largely because my enamel has been Eroding. Sadly the pain has only increased over the years.  Like most people with tooth sensitivity, I have an on-set of pain when my teeth come in contact with hot/cold drinks but I also have an annoying dull ache that I deal with All.The.Time.( Mainly my top teeth). There are times when even just the cold air hitting my teeth brings on the pain. The pain doesn't last forever but it is still annoying to have to deal with it.

So when I was contacted about an upcoming Crest tooth sensitivity campaign, I was totally on board and ready to give this a try! 
I know P&G spends a crazy amount of money on Research and development, and that they wouldn't bring a product to this stage of development without it being a tried and true product. That being said, I hadn't tried the product beforehand, so I was obviously really nervous and hesitant to try it on camera. But mostly, I think I was just dreading the part where they test my level of tooth sensitivity(Thankfully that came later).

 The commercial turned out to be really fun(After getting over the nerves)! We started off with introductions and my history with tooth sensitivity and then moved on to try the product. My first thoughts were "they're tiny & there packaging reminds me of their whitening strips". I love that you can take these with you and pop them on where ever you go or having the option to treat your tooth sensitivity in the comfort of your home(As opposed to a dentist's office).

 As I put the product on my gums and teeth I was still pretty skeptical that this tiny little strip would make my aches and pains disappear. So I sat and waited...for the recommended time(Off camera of course). 

Right around that ten minute mark, I started to feel a tingly sensation  come over my top teeth(Which is where I placed the strip) and quickly followed by a warm/thawing sensation. So even before I got back to filming I already knew that the product was working. I felt better and I was really happy for that immediate relief. But, then they brought out a cup of Ice water for me to drink, and I began to get nervous all over again. I REALLY dont like to drink ice water without a straw , And I was already dreading the pain I'd feel immediately afterward. But I was being filmed, so I took a small hesitant sip. And oh my heck, I didn't feel anything! No pain, a lot of relief and some confusion. Confusion because I had no idea how in ten minutes time, my teeth went from painful to normal. I haven't been pain free for over a decade and I'm thrilled to have found something that will remove my tooth sensitivity (In 30 day increments). Seriously guys, this stuff works! 
Thanks Crest
These Sensi Stop Strips will be available nationwide beginning of September. But if you're like me and have awful tooth sensitivity, feel free to pre-order yours with Crest.

Do you have tooth sensitivity? Have you ever tried to relieve it?

Thanks again, Crest for sponsoring this post, per the usual all opinions & incomplete sentences are my own! #crest #sensistop #spon