Sunday, June 15, 2014

Memories & Albondigas soup

Because I'm a hot sauce connoisseur and I love adding some #SauceOn my meals this shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias inc. and it's advertisers. All opinions are my own:)  
My hubby and girls love this soup! It's called Albondigas and it's a household staple at our home:).  I love this too but sometimes I crave something with a little spice to it. 
As I was making this today, I added a little of the new Habanero hot sauce I bought the other day, that reminded me of a hot sauce I'd tried years ago with my second Mom (Maribel). It wasn't the same one, but boy it sure brought back a lot of  childhood memories!

Speaking of Memories, can you believe Summer is almost over? My daughter starts school next week! That's crazy~ It seems just the other day, we were getting ready to pack up and move our family across the country. We've had a great summer and I feel like we've really done alot in the few months we've been here in Ohio.  One of our girl's favorite places is the Zoo, we have probably gone about seven times this summer, it just doesn't get old for them! Here are a few pictures from our trip to the zoo. 
 Can you tell She loves petting the goats?
We love having a hearty meal after playing all day at the zoo. 
This Mexican meat ball soup, always seems to fit the bill.
Have you ever had Albondigas? 

I couldn't decide which hot sauce would go the best with the albondigas, so I had a few spoonfuls of all three. I think the Black Label was the winner though, It gave the soup  just the right amount of kick and added a rich smoky flavor. 
I think next time I'll use them as part of a marinade for Grilled chicken. I'm always looking for new ways to transform my everyday meals.

What are some of your favorite Hot Sauces?