Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Dream Home ~Dyson

So we technically don't "Own" this little beauty yet but we have an accepted purchase agreement & a set closing date of September 30th. So for now, that's as good as ours, right?(I hope so!)

We have had this house in our sights since we moved out to Cincinnati(back in May). I have been holding my breath and hoping this property stayed on the market long enough for us to put an offer on it. When I first saw this home, our home back in Utah was still on the market and we were in no position to even dream of buying another home:). But thankfully, over the course of a couple months, the stars aligned & our home sold just in time, to allow us the opportunity snatch this home up:).  

We seriously can't wait to move in! We set a super long closing date(60 days), because of rental agreement. So we have been longing to move in for about a month and a half now:). I can't believe we will be in the Dream Home in 3 weeks ! Now it's time to organize our belongings & Pack & Clean!
We started packing a couple weeks ago, just a few boxes here & there but now our bedrooms have really started to resemble a hoarders home! And that has been giving me a lot of anxiety. And when I'm stressed, I clean...&...clean! In an effort to compensate for the things I can't control I have been keeping the home extra clean & tidy. But I have had a bit of help in that department... 
A couple weeks ago, my Dyson DC35 Animal Digital Slim came in the mail.  And it couldn't have come at a better time! I had never owned a cordless Vacuum before, so I didn't know what to expect, but so far, It has been amazing.
This has been such a great fit for us. Here are the reasons why we have been loving it...
  1. It is powerful & fast! It has kind of changed the way we vacuum. Since it only takes us about five minutes to vacuum, we are more prone to whip this gorgeous machine out & promptly clean up the mess(rather than waiting until the floor looks/feels like it needs vacuumed).
  2. It is cordless, which means no pesky cords to plug in. So, you can move from room to room with ease. 
  3. It has anti-static carbon fiber brushes to improve fine dust pick-up from hard floors.
  4. It comes with a crevice attachment that is perfect for cleaning your car. This is a necessity if you have toddlers that eat snacks in the car:).
  5. Lastly, it is incredibly small & light, making it so simple to use, that even my girls can help vacuum with it.
 I kind of tricked convinced my girls that it was a "treat" to vacuum with this gorgeous machine (Since usually only grown-ups get to do this fun task). So, if they keep their room tidy, then they get to help vacuum with it. And they have been so excited & loved being able to help mommy with this Grown-up activity.  

I can easily say, that this DC35 is thoroughly loved by our whole family! Which is great because, in just a few short weeks, we will have over 4,000 sqft of home to keep clean & tidy:)

Do you have a favorite Vacuum? If so, what is it?