Monday, September 8, 2014

We have officially begun Potty Training

A special thanks to my friends at Pull-Ups for sponsoring today's post & helping me Potty Train with Big Kid Academy. As always, all opinions are my own:)!
Hayden has been wanting to potty train for a few months now.  I first started seeing the signs when we were living in Provo. But since we were just about to up-root our little family across the country, I didn't feel it was the optimal time to start Potty training. So, I put it off, and hoped she would forget about it , the last couple weeks Hayden has been taking off her Diaper and sitting on the toilet on her own (trying to be like Big Sis). Which is such a change from Mallorie (who was terrified of the toilet). So with a lot of mixed emotions we decided to start this potty training adventure once more.
If you are just about to embark on this journey as well, let me share with you our  favorite Potty training Essentials! They worked great with Mallorie, and so far Hayden is loving them too.
Our Favorite Potty Training Essentials
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Even-though Hayden has only just started, she has already gone in the potty the few times we've sat her down. I am such a proud momma!  And, I love to see her little face when she has just  gone in the Potty, its so darling!

The last couple weeks, I've had friends ask me about Potty Training, so I thought I'd just share on here what has worked for us:). 

Our 5 Key Potty Training tips for GIRLS:

1. Ready or not: Making sure your little ones are ready to start potty training makes a huge difference! It's also just as important to make sure you're ready for this adventure. Before we started, I was feeling really nervous (which is silly, because it's not like I'm the one whose learning something new here:)). So, we enrolled Hayden into the Big Kid Academy, so I could have access to a plethora of Potty training advice & tips {which has been awesome}!
Oh and stocking-up your bathroom with the right essentials, sure makes the task a little easier! We chose these darling Doc McStuffins Pull-Ups because the character begins to fade away when they are wet (allowing kids to SEE when they've had an "accident"). Their night-time version of these are awesome too because they are extra absorbent & glow in the dark! 

2. Play: A few weeks before starting potty training, we grab a doll to illustrate to our toddler how to go potty in the toilet. We are pretty silly about it, & try to create good feelings & fun memories:). 
Once we've begun PT, we always cheer and do a dance after a successful potty trip & follow it up with Tip #3.

3. Rewards: We like to have a treat basket handy so that we are quick to reinforce the positive behavior (going in the potty). We usually have an assortment of rewards (candy, coloring books, stickers, favorite snacks).  Something Hayden has loved doing , is wearing her stickers on her clothing and showing them off to daddy when he gets home. 
4. Recruit HelpIf you have older siblings, utilize them:)! When Hayden says she has to go potty, we all head on over to the potty and cheer her on:). Hayden loves the praise & spectators, so it's worked out great so far. Since Mallorie is helping with the Potty training, she also gets a reward when Hayden goes potty. That's right, Mallorie is fully vested in Hayden's success;). 
5. Be Patient:  Accidents will likely occur & it will not be fun...but don't let your kiddo see that! This is the time to show off your acting skills! If your little one sees you get mad/stressed she will most likely feel those as well.  So what we do when an accident occurs, is pull out the doll to illustrate that accidents happen, and we sit the doll on the toilet and tell her this is where we should always go potty. Easy enough, right:)?
Alright, now it's time for your expert potty training mommas to share your favorite Potty training secrets! What has worked well for your family?