Friday, October 3, 2014

Dream Home & KidKraft

Sorry, for the radio silence this week. In prepping for our move, I must have lost my mind because I totally forgot to switch over our internet to our new place. But we now have internet, Yay! So you will get to hear from me on a more regular basis:). 
Guys, I still can't believe we are officially homeowners! Our highly anticipated move happened this Tuesday. It was a pretty fast move, and that was primarily due to the many friends that came out and volunteered their help, sent dinners our way & offered baby sitting help for the girls. Thank you SO much!!!  I feel so indebted to you all, and I am so grateful to have such great friends! 

  So, now that we have moved into our place we have been fast at work unpacking and trying to transform our home from looking like a storage unit into an inviting & cozy home.  

For the past few weeks I've been telling the girls that I would be getting them a gift/surprise for them to enjoy in the new house. I actually have a few planned distractions surprises for this next month, so that the girls are still having fun while mommy retreats and unpacks a few boxes. 

My first one was this Sweet Savannah Dollhouse from KidKraft.  I  have to admit, when it arrived I was a bit intimidated to build it.  But it turned out to be quite easy to put together{ It only took us forty-five minutes}.
She has spent hours playing with this darling three story dollhouse.
 I think she is going to be an interior designer because she loves rearranging the furniture.
I love the artwork~ the details are really darling.
  Hayden Loved playing with the house too! She is a little more rough with the furniture than Mallorie would like...So she gets to play with it more when Mallorie is at school:). But  Its definitely large enough for both of them to play with. 
 I am thrilled that the girls love this Sweet Savannah Dollhouse {A.K.A. Dream Home}!  
This has been such a great gift for them to continue to develop their imagination & creativity. My favorite part, is that its really well designed & sturdy. And I know it will last for years to come. 

Speaking of toys that will last for years.. I found this gorgeous Retro Kitchen for the girls play room. I'm debating whether to get it now or wait a few weeks for when we are done with unpacking. I am just so inpatient  & really want to finish up their space and get them all settled in{Because I just know the rest of the house will take weeks to get done}!

 Oh & if you'd like to see all the latest products by our friends at KidKraft or know about fun Giveaways, be sure to visit their Facebook page{Here}

Thanks KidKraft for sending this adorable Dollhouse our way!