Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Princess with Royal Etiquette Printable

Because every little girl is a Princess in Training, we are sharing our favorite tips on how to be #DisneyBeauties. Thanks Collective Bias, inc. for sponsoring this post! #CollectiveBias 
Lately, we've noticed that our girls have been getting a bit wild at the dinner table {mainly, my youngest with getting on the table & standing on chairs}. So I thought we would do a refresher course on dinner etiquette & manners.
We have this cute manners game that we like to play. But I wanted to make it more fun & memorable for them {and since I was fully stocked on princess party supplies from our last Walmart trip}, I decided to incorporate the princesses element into it. 

It turned out to be more of a princess in training tea party, so I embraced it. The girls had a blast! And hopefully, also learned a few things a long the way.  

Here is the checklist I made for our training:
A princess is gracious & poised & has great manners especially at the dinner table. 
*Once you begin dinner, your napkin should go on your lap & elbows should stay off the table.
*A princess is patient & waits her turn to talk. And never talks with her mouth full.
*A princess is never afraid to try new things.
*A princess never hunches over her food, she has good posture and brings the food to her mouth. As well as being mindful to not reach for food. If its too far away, you ask someone to pass it to you.
*Be gracious & be sure to say "Please" & "Thank you".
*A princess is polite & never complains about her food. {really hoping they remember this one:)}
*A princess is always kind & helpful to others.
*A princess knows how to wear a crown while exuding elegance.
*A princess is poised under all circumstances, especially while wearing her favorite heels.

I'm sure we could have added many more things to our list. But I wanted to keep it short and keep their little attention spans peeked. I'm thoroughly happy with our little party & most importantly, the girls had a great time in their princess training! Which makes it all worth it!

Do you have a little one that could benefit from this:D?