Monday, September 1, 2014

Staying ACTIV3 with Chicco

If you follow my Insta, then you know we had a highly anticipated package come through our doors this past week.

And, I don't know who was more excited for it{But by the look of Hayden's face, I'm going to say: she wins}. I had told Hayden it was coming a couple weeks ago, So when the giant box arrived, she knew exactly what it was. We were all a bit giddy with excitement, and dying to test out the new ride. 
So we quickly assembled it{Which really just meant throwing on the canopy, arm bar & wheels}. We decided to test out this gorgeous stroller around our neighborhood, so Hayden jumped in the stroller while Mallorie rode her bike. It was the perfect way to end our evening!
Since then, we have gone jogging through the trails, gravel & many more walks. It has held up great & given Hayden a really smooth ride. I love the adjustable suspension and being able to increase the shock absorption to meet our needs {with just the tap of the foot}.  
The whole design of the stroller is pretty amazing, and is so easy to use.
 For instance, nearly everything you'd need to change is located at the top of the stroller, on the handle bar{Lock Swivel wheel, Parking brake, open/close stroller}.
I really love the size of this canopy, it is HUGE{It covers all the way to the arm bar}!Which provides wonderful protection from the elements. I own three other strollers, and I can tell you that's not the norm for strollers. So I really appreciate them adding this feature! As well as including a parent trey, to store our keys & drinks.
Something the hubby really appreciates is having the adjustable handlebar. He is 6'1 and I'm 5'5, not the biggest height difference in the world, but still, I'm glad he feels comfortable and enjoys it as much as I do:).
Another neat feature, especially if you will be taking this bad boy out on trails, is that it comes with rubber tires. Which, makes them maintenance-free. And, It gives me peace of mind{knowing I'll never have to worry about flat tires on trail runs}. 
The seat itself is pretty nice: it's easy to clean & has a 5 pt. harness that easily expands to fit older children{So both my girls can comfortably ride in it}. 
One of the neatest things about Chicco's Activ3 jogging stroller is that it folds & unfolds so easily{In less than 15 seconds, kid you not}. And it collapses pretty flat, so I can put it in the trunk of my sedan without any problems or having to remove any tires.
We have been so happy with this stroller. It is so easy to maneuver from the trails to the store, it is just a smooth & effortless ride!
 I will be anxiously awaiting the creation of a Chicco Activ3 double stroller! Because this single jogging stroller is a dream to maneuver!
If you are like me & Love Chicco, be sure to follow them {Here & Here} for their latest products & news.

Thank you so much Chicco, for making such great products & for sending this gorgeous stroller our way!