Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Staying Fit & Hydrated

I am excited to share some of my easy fitness tips as part as a collaboration sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc & its advertiser.As always all opinions are mine alone:)!#PlatinumPoints #shop #cbias
Now that it's a bit colder outside,you might be tempted to skip your workout & stay in the comfort of your home. I know that thought has crossed my mind a few times, especially on cold mornings. Since, I hurt my ankle pretty badly a few weeks ago, I've only recently been able to start working out again. I have been itching to go for a long run and take in the gorgeous scenery around our new place. But since my ligaments in my foot & leg aren't quite healed yet, I've had to resort to some other forms of exercise{Walking & Yoga}. On the upside, that has given me a lot more time to hydrate & enjoy my favorite fruity low calorie drink mix.
Tip #1: Set a Goal
Wether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you're a seasoned marathon runner, you can benefit from having a goal. It gives you something to focus on & motivates you to get out & workout. It can be to fit into your old favorite pair of jeans or to just feel amazing for an upcoming vacation. Whatever your goal is: write it down & keep updating your progress, so that it is at the forefront of your mind & you don't lose interest. And it's totally OK to have multiple goals!

Tip #2: Wear the Right Gear 
Wearing the right clothing will not only keep you from getting sick but it will also prevent you from incurring any aches & pains along your workout. Over the years I've learned that if you are going to run all year long you need to invest in the essentials {good pair of shoes, socks, tights & layering tops}. You don't have to have a dozen of them but at least 1 good pair of each so you can dress appropriately for your weather conditions. Trust me, the last thing you want to deal with on a run is chafing or blisters. You have enough going on without the added stress of pain.
 For me getting dressed in my favorite workout clothes always gets me really excited & motivated to get outdoors and exercise.

Tip#3: Stretching Stretching gives you better flexibility, which allows your joints to move through their full range of motion. It also increases blood flow to our muscles, which is one of the reasons why it can improve our performance while being active.
I have always been pretty good about stretching & warming down after workouts, but stretching beforehand has been a whole other story. Winter-mornings are the only times I use to stretch before runs, because I was terrified of tearing my ligaments/muscles. But, the last few weeks, I've had to be super diligent about stretching{Because Crutches is not my favorite form of transportation} & it has made a huge difference in regaining my flexibility in my foot. Lesson learned!

Tip #4: Mix up your routine
After doing P90X{few years back}, I have been an avid believer of yoga. It is a deceivingly great workout. You may not feel like you are doing much while you are doing your chaturanga & downward dog but the next day will make you feel differently! Yoga is great for strengthening & toning your muscles while having very low impact on your joints. You get to work on flexibility, balance and breathing, which combined helps reduce stress & calm the mind. 

Tip #5: Stay Hydrated
It might not be as obvious as it was during the summer months, but you are still sweating and need to stay hydrated. I always carry water with me & my favorite fruity drink mix to flavor my water.  I usually don't add the flavor until after my workouts & Some days all I want is water. But, usually that gets boring & I'm craving something sweeter. Which is why I like to have the Crystal Light liquid mix handy. 
I like to keep one in my workout bag & one in my car. 
This is the classic strawberry flavored Drink mix my hubby loves. He thinks these are best thing ever.
My favorite is this {Blueberry & Raspberry} one. 
I have been hooked on the new Crystal Light varieties, since my friend Lauren introduced me to their Caffeinated Strawberry on-the-go packets. It gave me just the right amount of energy to keep up with my little trouble makers girls. And now I'm obsessed with these new fruity liquid drink mixes. 

Have you tried any of the new Crystal Light varieties? Which is your favorite?