Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pinterest Fail & Handcrafted Art

Me & Pinterest have had a long love affair over the years. I am a frequent visitor and I'm always excited for the possibility to be inspired.
Do you remember our family photos we took a couple months ago?
Well, we never got around to printing them. And now, that we've had some time to settle into our new place, I'd love to start decorating & adding my personal touch to our home. So, after one too many visits to Pinterest, I thought I'd try my hand at some photo transfers. So, I went shopping for everything to do wood transfers {since I was too cheap to invest in high quality wood prints}. 
After, stopping by the hardware store to get lumber, the craft store for Modge Podge, & the office supply store for photos. I was spent! But I was still super excited to get my prints finished, so I got to work that night & even enlisted the hubbys' help to finish the project faster.
 According to all the posts I read, you are suppose to wait at least 24 hours to let everything dry up, so I waited 32 hrs. just to play it safe. And if you know me, you know I am not a patient person. So this was very hard for 
So, when it was finally time to gently rub the paper off and unveil my work of art, Imagine my disappointment when I noticed that the paper was full of wrinkles{which weren't there when I covered it the previous day}. So I was a bit peeved, but still a bit hopeful that the other two photos would turnout...
Nope, they were all pretty much the same. I must be the worst Modge Podger in the world because my photos just didn't turnout! The sizes were admittedly really large{40''x 28'' & 24''x 30''}so that probably didn't help.  I was so sad that day, I wasted so much time & energy on something that was utterly useless. I hate when that happens!

The hubby has never been a fan of Pinterest{Mainly because it creates more projects for him:)}. But, after this fiasco, I think he might never recover and be gone from the Pinterest world forever. 

I think he'd love for this little project to have the same effect on me. But what I took away from it, is to not be so darn cheap! If you have zero experience in something & it looks like it might be more than what you can do; just let the pros do it.  So, after my recent Pinterest-Fail, I decided to look further into companies that did high quality wood prints.
Which, is how I came across WoodSnap & their amazing prints. What I like about their wall art is  that they use vibrant water-based inks that allows the beautiful wood grain to show through. Well, just enough to remind you of its uniqueness! 
 All of their art is ready to hang when it arrives.
And, their website is so easy to navigate, all you do is select a size, upload your photo & then checkout. It doesn't get much easier than that.
 I also, really appreciate that they're an eco-friendly company. So, for every WoodSnap they sell, they plant a tree. I love seeing companies give back to the community! I will definitely be going back for more!

If you are looking for some fabulous wall art, be sure to checkout WoodSnap!

What is your favorite medium for photos?