Saturday, November 16, 2013

Spa day & Perfect Pedicure

 Now that it's a bit colder outside, it makes it so easy to forget about our feet. So I decided to do a girls spa day as part of a fun sponsored #shop by Collective Bias, Inc & its advertiser. As always all opinions are my own:)! #RespectUrFeet #CollectiveBias
I can't remember the last time I went to a spa to get pampered or to get a pedicure. Who has time for that  now a days? Not me!
But as I kept staring down at my poor neglected feet, I knew I had to find a little time to take care of my feet. Plus, I picked up Amopés brand new pedicure gadget & cream on my last Target run, & I was itching to try it. So, I started gathering all of my essentials for an at home spa, when the girls came into my room & asked if they could get their nails painted too. They had the sweetest most hopeful looking expressions,{Which made my heart melt}, so of course: I said yes. Plus, I thought this could be a fun time to just chit-chat & spend some mommy-daughter bonding time!

We began our spa treatment with a foot soak. We chose a Cherry-Almond scent to make it smell extra special. And, that aroma was quite intoxicating!
I think I soaked my feet for about five minutes, before the girls decided they wanted to get in.
While the girls soaked their feet we talked about Mallorie's school & the recent field trip they just took to an orchard. We also talked about our Christmas plans & about writing letters to Santa. I'm not sure that Hayden fully understands Christmas or Santa, but her curiosity was definitely piqued.
         So while they happily played, I decided I'd get to work with my Amopé Pedi Perfect and Amopé Foot Cream. The Amopé Pedi Perfect is an electronic pedicure foot file that buffs away hard skin in just a few minutes.
This little gadget is my new BFF! It removes hard skin so quickly & leaves your feet looking so much smoother. 
The girls were very curious as to what I was doing.
After I was done buffing, I made sure to apply the Amopé Foot Cream for even healthier looking feet.
Then we painted our nails:).
I like to finish off my pedicures with a cozy pair of socks. Which just helps lock in the moisture overnight & gives you rejuvenated & healthier looking feet! 
You can grab the Amopé Foot Cream & Amopé Pedi Perfect at Target.
 Now there is no excuse not to pamper yourself:)!