Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Staying Connected with Family

With the big spending season just about to start, I am extra #Thankful4Savings. And to be able to team up with Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers on this to share the lowest priced unlimited plans. As always all opinions are my own. Thanks #CollectiveBias for sponsoring this #shop!

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, family has been constantly on my mind. Since, moving to Ohio {a few months back}, we have been doing pretty good about not dwelling on the fact that we wont be visiting family as often as we use to. Living in Utah the last seven years and having family near us was such a wonderful & enriching experience for us. And one that my heart will be aching for this Thanksgiving. Especially now as we gear up to have our first holiday away from friends & family. We have absolutely loved living in Ohio, and I know that this is the plan for our little family. None-the-less I know this holiday season will be tough for us! I anticipate an influx of skype & Instagram to get us through this holiday.
One of the things I look forward to the most during the holidays is all the yummy food. Who doesn't, right? But since we are not traveling anywhere this Thanksgiving, everyone will just have to settle for me trying to recreate my mother's delicious food. Which I know involves countless hours on the phone trying to get detailed recipes from her. Which is why I am super grateful I switched mobile plans at the end of October. Now, I can pester my mom on a daily basis without worrying about going over my allotted minutes/data. Yeah, unlimited talk & text is the best:)!
I started looking at plans when we first moved out to Ohio but the prices were ridiculous. I couldn't fathom spending $130-$150 per month for just the two of us{Or committing to a plan for 1-2 years}. So I settled for what we had until I saw Walmart's affordable Unlimited Talk Text & Data/Web service.

I ended up going with the ZTE Zinger. It was affordable & the Android interface was something I was very familiar with. Which has made the transition a bit easier. I'm finally getting faster at navigating it { which has come in handy when I'm completely lost & need to get to an appointment}.
I also love that I can roam the internet guilt free whenever I'm waiting in the car for the hubby or on the rare occasion that I'm early {Which I couldn't do before because my previous service was so spotty}. 
My favorite though, is the service. Its been great. I haven't had any dropped calls or patchy service areas. And the unlimited data has come in handy, because I have become quite directionally challenged since moving here & need GPS just about everywhere I go. And with it all being unlimited, I never have to worry about over doing it and having to pay extra at the end of the month{Which has happened with other providers more often than I care to admit}. 

I'll have to let you know how it goes, but so far I've been thrilled with the extra savings. 
 I'm working on getting the hubby switched over. I'm sure It will happen pretty soon considering Walmart just had Rollbacks on their new mobiles (LGL90 ~$119.88 & GSIII ~$199.88). Those look amazing~ He is bound to want one of those!
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