Friday, November 1, 2013

Stocking Stuffers by eeBoo

So I broke tradition last week & let the girls have one of their stocking stuffers way early this year. But it was out of necessity{promise}. The girls have been struggling to sit quietly at church the last few weeks, so I decided to bring this cute puzzle along & see if they could quietly entertain each other.

And to my surprise, it worked. 
I knew my oldest would like it, but I didn't think my toddler would be able to figure it out & enjoy it. But she actually is the one that brings it out the most. She is admittedly a little young to do it alone, but with sisters help, it's a piece of cake. I think that's what I love about this{aside from the quiet entertainment}, it's a team building activity for them. What parent doesn't love to see their children happily playing, right?
 I can picture so many scenarios when I'm with the girls & need portable entertainment{Doctor's office, airplane, restaurant} & this cute puzzle will come in handy. 
{ Rabbits Den Puzzle by eeBoo comes in a sturdy little box and have 20 glitter pieces}

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? What do you like to stuff your kiddos stockings with?