Sunday, December 7, 2014

Effortlessly clean

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December is such a busy time of year for everyone, with kids in school, parties to attend, shopping to get done. The last thing anyone wants to make time for is: clean. But as we all know it's a necessary evil;){Or so I tell myself}. I know, I feel so much better when everything is put back in its place & the clutter that often accumulates on our counters is done away with. I might be a tad OCD about it but I feel like everyone can enjoy themselves more fully when the home is clean.   

But often, life gets in the way off that & your once spotless hardwood floors are now covered in mud. Yeah...that's not unusual when you have a very lively toddler running around your home:). But these days, all that seems so much easier to clean up since I found a new cleaning aid AKA: the best mop ever;). 
Wether you are enjoying rain or snow this time of year, shoes always manage to track-in unwanted things into your home. Its just impossible not to{at-least in our home}. Thankfully we always have our light & trusty spray mop handy so we can clean things up in no time.
Our dinning room floor is another spot in home that is always prone to grime, but mainly due to the fact that our girls like to leave a third of their dinner there. At what age do kids outgrow this phase? Or is it just our girls that do this? 

This spray mop from O-Cedar really is neat! When we bought our first home {over five years ago}, I had no idea how to care for wood floors nor did I have any aspirations to own a traditional mop. But, I eventually broke down & got one{And, I hated it, especially storing it}.  
I knew their had to be a better more hygienic & effective product out there. I'm happy to report, I've finally found it.
One of the things I really like about this spray mop is that I can use any cleaning solution in the refillable bottle{that way I can mist away with the scent I prefer}. But the best part is that once I'm done cleaning, I can easily remove the microfiber pad & toss it in the washer. No storing nasty/wet mops that make you cringe every time you see them! 
Pretty Awesome right?  Oh and you can use this nifty mop on more than just wood floors...that's just our home's biggest trouble areas. 

I'm sure this is available in most stores but I found our O-Cedar Pro Mist mop at Walmart{in the cleaning aisle}. 
What do you like to clean your floors with?