Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wholesome Dinners

This week we enjoyed a family-favorite as part of a collaboration with #CollectiveBias & it's advertisers. As always all opinions are my own!#PotPiePlease #ad

 I love making food from scratch but these days it seems like its harder & harder to do. I don't know if its just this holiday season or if its just our crazy life. But putting a dinner on the table is getting harder to do these days. We recently got in a car accident & it was horrible to say the least. But thankfully we all came out of it uninjured! Which, I'm so incredibly grateful for!
We are still dealing with mechanics & insurance stuff so things are still hectic here..I'm sure once that's all over, everything will be less stressful. 

It's funny how life just goes on regardless of what crisis you may be going through. 
We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday & it was a welcomed distraction for all of us.
 The girls even got to visit with Santa and chat about what they'd like for Christmas this year. Well, kind of...My youngest,Hayden, realized she was terrified of Santa & refused to sit on his lap. I wasn't there the first go at it, so I was in unbelief, until the hubby showed me This video.
I shouldn't laugh but her little fear was so genuine & so cute! We later gave it another go & I held her hand as she walked up to Santa. Here are the pictures:

I don't think Hayden loved the Santa-experience, but she has since watched her little video and laughed about it{And she seems to be over her Santa fear, or so we think}.
Mallorie was so happy to see Santa, she kept asking if it was the real Santa. I left that one to the hubby to answer:).

A mist our recent incident with the car, we've found time to sit down and enjoy a good wholesome dinner together as a family. My kids were introduced to Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pies a few months back and have been begging me to "make" it again. I love that they think its homemade! So, I have kept a few of these family size ready to-go dinners on hand for times just like these. 
Both my girls love all the veggies in these & I've got to admit I do too. The white gravy mixed with veggies & chicken is the perfect combo with the flaky crust!
What do you like to stock your freezers with? 
I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!
Thanks so much for reading!