Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Pouf Ottoman & Tutorial

There are a ton of adorable Poufs available on the market right now{Like this, this & this}. It seems like every time I go out shopping I see them, & Instantly think{I need one of those}. They add a nice splash of color & style to any room. And, it never hurts to have extra seating lying around the house.

 The thing is; they are so stinkin expensive! And, I can't make myself purchase these, even as cute as they are. Plus, I have this thing, where if It looks like I can make it, then I don't buy it & try making it{Or, who knows, maybe I'm just cheap:)}.  
If you've had your eyes on these & want to make one too, you'll be happy to know they are surprisingly simple to make. And the best part, is that you can whip one of these out within a half hour!
I had some extra fabric leftover from my curtain project{turns out finding window treatments for high ceilings is next to impossible to do on a budget}, so I utilized that for this project.

So, here's what you'll need:
Sewing machine
3  yards of Fabric
2 packages of blanket batting
1 package of loose batting

I've made a few Poufs this week, the picture above was a large pouf {21 Length x 21 Width x 21 Height}& it was on the verge of too big, so on the next ones I went for a smaller size{18 L. x 18 W. x 16 H.} & it turned out perfect.

For the smaller Pouf  you'll have to cut 6 pieces total: 4 pieces: 17 x 19 for the sides and then for the top & bottom you'll cut a piece that is 19 x 19. 
 You then start pinning the sides first {until you have a big loop}
 Once the sides have been pinned, you are ready to sew the sides together.
 Next you'll Pin the top portion to the sides. 

Sew the top part of the pouf to the sides. The corners are tricky, but just do your best to get straight lines. Below is how mine looked after the top was sewn to the sides:)..
 Now, pin & sew the bottom piece to the sides. You'll need to leave a gap/opening so you can add the batting with ease. I don't like to sew by hand so I make sure to sew about 3 inches from each corner{so when it's stuffed, I can go back & sew it with the machine & have a clean line}.
 Then you'll reverse the pouf so that you are ready to stuff it with batting. It's best if you measure the batting to be the same length as your pouf so you can have an even look & then you can add the extra loose batting wherever you feel it needs it.

Stuffing it was pretty tough because the opening was pretty small, but it's doable. Once it's in there, just sew it up and you're done:)!
If you give this a try, I'd love to see how yours turn out! And please let me know if you have any questions!
The finished product:)