Thursday, January 29, 2015

DIY Floor To Ceiling Curtains

 It's funny how some elements of a home stand out to you more than others when your house shopping. One of the things we really liked about this home were the high ceilings. It made the already large room seem bigger with a hint of elegance.
But, something that didn't quite stand out to us until we'd purchased the home; were the small fixed windows above the standard windows{See pic below}. I'd seen a variety of ways to adorn the window with drapes but for me the floor to ceiling look was by far my favorite. It just made sense to utilize the height in the room, plus it added a more dramatic look. The only problem was that floor to ceiling curtains are ridiculously expensive! I looked online for a while but everything I found for the 108 inch Drapes were around $100 and with five windows just in this room alone, it wasn't a feasible option for us. Another problem I had was finding horizontal striped curtains in a high quality fabric{Yeah, near to impossible}.
  I considered: buying fabric & sewing the stripes or even just buying inexpensive white curtains & painting the stripes on. Both of which would be very tedious and time consuming. And with two kiddos running around, my projects are always on a short schedule. 

So, I headed out to a few of my favorites home decor stores and lucked out on five window treatments{double panel}in the blue & white horizontal stripes. Sadly, they were only 96" long, but they were well within budget so I bought them fully knowing I'd have to add some height to them.

Since I have three windows right next to each other, I knew I'd only really need two window treatments for that wall {because both sides of the middle window would be covered with the outer window's curtains}. 
I was a bit nervous that you'd be able to tell that the curtains  were lengthened but it turned out just fine & totally not noticeable.  
So I'm obviously not a professional seamstress or anything, but for this project you totally don't need to be. All you need to know how to do is measure, pin, and sew a straight line;).
Here's what I did: 
I measured to see if I had enough extra fabric{from the 5th pair of drapes} to extend the curtains to the floor{I needed 12 inches per panel}. I then cut the stripe I needed{with an extra inch allowance for the seam}. 
 Then I placed the fabrics facing each other, made sure the stripes were aligned perfectly and then pinned them in place and sewed them.  Then once they were hanging on the curtain rods, I hemmed them{You could totally do it before, this is just the way I did it to make sure they were flush with the floor}.
 This is what the back of them looks like{Nothing fancy, I know}.
 It took me about an hour and a half to get it all done. It was totally worth the time! It was the look I wanted and the right price point{$29 per pair}. If you saw my last DIY project you know I had quite a bit of fabric left to make a few poufs. So I really feel like the curtains were a great price.

Do you like the floor to ceiling look? Ever considered doing DIY curtains?