Friday, February 27, 2015

Hayden's room & Nursery Essentials

Remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned we had finally gotten around to painting Hayden's room? The previous owners had painted it a neon green, it was horrible & my retinas could not take the glaring pain from staring at it any longer! 

So here's a few pictures of her Nursery room. We still have a ton of decorating to do in her room. But since I still feel like we just barely moved into our home, I'm going to cut myself some slack and take my time with her room. So, for now we are just enjoying all the extra space in her room.
The pink on the walls make her room feel so soothing & calming now {I've caught myself on more than one occasion gravitating to it for some much needed peace & quiet}.
  I want to add a few more gold-accents on the walls. I'm thinking a gold & white DIY canvas would be perfect in here. 
We just got this shag rug to put in her bedroom and the girls just love rolling around on it. I often find them up here just laying on it {I love my silly girls}. I really don't know what it is about kids and new rugs, but they are completely mesmerized by them & set on braking them in :D!
With our baby girl getting so big and just about to turn 3 years old we have been deliberating whether or not to get her a big girl bed. 

The problem is that ever since she was a year old, she's had a knack for sneaking out of her bedroom and getting into all sorts of trouble.

We have been working with her for nearly two years now to stay in her room {she knows she's suppose to stay in bed} and most days she will....but once in a while she'll still get out and get into so much trouble {like spilling hot pink nail polish on the carpet or color the walls with her crayons}. 

I can't blame her for having the creative bug but there's definitely a time & a place for it {and nap time/bedtime is definitely not it}.
 So we have added something new to our home that will give us the peace of mind that we have been desperately seeking. 
Levana's video baby monitor has been a dream so far {this is the exact model I have}! I love that I can be anywhere in our home and still keep an eye on her. My favorite part though, is the two-way communication, so if Hayden starts to climb out of the crib I can give her a few words of encouragement {from the comfort of my bed:)}. Best gadget ever, right?
Something that I have really appreciated lately, with the negative degree weather we've been experiencing, is that this will also tell me the temperature in her room. I don't know about your home, but in our home there are certain rooms better insulated than others and the temperatures can very drastically from one room to the other. So, you can bet having this little piece of information at my disposal has allowed me to worry less & get a better night's rest! 
What are your favorite baby items that you still continue to use {even though your babies have long out-grown diapers}?

And if you also have a toddler who doubles as an escape artist, I'd love to hear your advice for how you contain them:D!

Thanks so much for stopping by!