Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feeling A Bit Nostalgic...

So, it has been almost a year since we moved out to Ohio from Utah. And we have truly loved living out here & exploring the area. Which makes it even more pathetic to admit, but we have really been starting to miss certain aspects of being native Utahns:). My husband is a huge sports enthusiast & BYU fan, so he thoroughly misses attending the football & basketball games{And I'm sure he misses playing Intramurals too}.
I personally miss the gorgeous mountains, friends, & the local eateries. 
I got to meet so many wonderful ladies that taught me so much about how to become a better mother & friend! I miss you all!!
And I miss getting together for our Intramurals games & Girl's nights! You girls are so much fun!

This was our Timpanogos Hike, it was breathtaking & just so much fun being outdoors with these fun ladies! If you live nearby you should definitely put this hike on your must-do list! You won't regret it!

When we lived in Provo, we really took a liking to Cubbys Chicago Beef & Cafe Rio. We love their salads! Lately though, I've been craving Cafe Rio's sweet pork salad. But, since the closest Cafe Rio is a 6 hours drive from where we live, I knew I'd have to figure out a way to make my own version.

So, I finally broke down and tried to make the sweet pork salad with the yummy tomatillo dressing{This is where I got the recipes}.  They weren't spot on {so I made a few tweaks} and it turned out really delicious! It was totally worth all the work. And, let's be honest, it takes a ton of work to make all that food. The nice thing is we now have plenty of leftovers for the week. 

We loved getting to indulge & reminisce about all the fun times we had while we were in Provo. Thanks so much to all our wonderful friends that put up with us and made our stay there a memorable one! We miss you all!
Are you a fan of Cafe Rio?