Monday, March 9, 2015

Magic of Disney World

Last week we had the opportunity to fly down to Florida and visit Disney World{for the first time}. We Spent six days there and I'm sure we could have spent six more and still not seen everything Disney had to offer. It was such an incredible vacation & one our girls will surely treasure for many years to come!  
 The girls had so much fun meeting their favorite Disney characters{which is basically all the princesses & Mary Poppins}. I personally loved seeing their cute star struck expressions every time they ran into a Disney character! We got them each an autograph book{before we left} and it has become one of their most treasured possessions. 
One of my favorite aspects of our trip were the plays. They were really well done! We sat through quite a few but my favorites were Belle's Enchanted Castle{interactive play} & Voyage of the Little Mermaid.
I was surprised how much the girls enjoyed animal kingdom. They only have a couple rides there, so we spent the majority of our time helping our girls get their Wilderness Explorer badges. And it was so much fun!
I think it's safe to say everyone loved the safari!
I don't know how many times we rode Dumbo{I lost count after twelve}. Hayden loved this ride & since we came at an off peak time we just kept walking onto the ride.
I am so glad we didn't postpone our trip to Disney for Hayden to turn 3 years old{It happens next month}. She was tall enough to do most of the rides she'd enjoy and just had the time of her life! Plus, did you know that toddlers under 3 are free at Disney? That's pretty awesome, right? 
Even though we just got back from our  trip, the girls are already trying to plan our next trip. I think our next Disney adventure will probably one of their cruises, Kyle is dying to go on a cruise!
Have you visited Disney World? What were your favorite rides?