Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Cleaning & Pantry Organization Tips

With spring in full swing, I have challenged myself to do some spring cleaning & re-organize every room in our home. I feel like there are certain rooms in our home that stay fairly clean & uncluttered, while others need to be deep-cleaned religiously! Please tell me I'm not alone in this! 

The kitchen pantry, kiddos rooms & craft room always seems to get messy & unorganized. So, I am going to go through every single item in our home and purge what we don't use or need. I am slightly intimidated, but it's gotta get done! Wish me luck!

I tackled the kitchen pantry yesterday, and boy did it need cleaning! We have an itty-bitty pantry closet, so you'd think it'd be easy to keep it looking nice {wrong}! We have a couple other cabinets in our kitchen dedicated to seasonings, dry goods, and baked goods, but this pantry closet is the one that gets the most use. Keep reading to find out what I did to spruce up and organize our pantry:)!
 I started by emptying out the pantry and getting rid of bulky boxes & expired items.
Then the real fun began..

Tip #1: Have a plan or idea of how you want to utilize your space. Do you want to have glass jars, plastic containers, baskets or a combo? Since we have a small pantry, I knew I wanted to have a clean look with easy access. So, I opted for baskets that I could easily pull out if I needed to. I chose a few different kinds of baskets to make the pantry stand a bit more. 

Tip #2: Sort like items together. I tried to dedicate certain baskets just for the kiddos favorites, like snacks, and toppings{for PB&J sandwiches}.

Tip#3: Make it pretty! This doesn't mean you have to have everything matching, but making it aesthetically pleasing will help not only you but everyone else want to maintain that organized cute pantry of yours. 

Tip #4: Use Labels, even though you might know where everything is, that doesn't mean everyone else in your household will. So throw on a label to help ensure your pantry stays organized;)!
 Tip #5: Store rarely used items up high. That way you have plenty of room for your most-used items in the center racks.  

I'm sure I could add way more tips to the list, but these are the ones that have made the biggest difference for me. Did I miss any crucial ones? I'd love to hear your thoughts:)!

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?