Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Girls Night & Yummy Trail Mix Combo

 I wanted to share bits from our fabulous girls night, as part of a fun collaboration with #CollectiveBias inc. and Its advertisers. #LoveDoveFruits:)~As always all opinions are my own!
We had such a fun time last night playing minute-to-win-it games, talking about the joys of life & motherhood & eating yummy food. It is so nice to take a night off and just relax with your girlfriends! I feel so refreshed and nourished{and so ready to tackle the rest of the week}!
Speaking of nourished, my eating habits have been severely lacking lately, and with just getting over the flu, I wanted to have a better for you snack available for us to enjoy.
So, I purchased a few of these yummy DOVE®Fruit snacks.
 I thought about doing a simple trail mix recipe for all our guests, but then thought it'd be more fun to just let everyone make their favorite trail mix combination. 
Here's what I added for mine: Citrus almonds, cashews, peanuts, dried bananas, craisins, DOVE®Fruit chocolate covered cranberries. 
It was absolutely delicious! I am a sucker when it comes to DOVE®Fruit though{they have whole fruit dipped in the most amazing silky smooth dark chocolate}! I fell in love with their cranberry variety last year and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their whole Blueberry & Whole Cherry varieties. 
  Here are rest of the toppings from the trail mix bar:  
Citrus Almonds
Dried Mango
Dried Bananas
Sweetened Coconut
Below are a few pictures from the Minute-to-win-it games we played & blueprints associated with the game. 
This one turned out to be a workout! It's called "What a Raquet".
We found that "Yank Me" was ideally played with smaller cups. 

This one was so fun to watch! It's called "This Blows"
I couldn't stop laughing while doing this! It was deceivingly hard! Junk in the Trunk consisted of you shaking your booty in order to get the balls out of the box. So much fun!

We did a couple more, but I was having too much fun watching, that I missed getting pictures! I think we all had a blast! I can't wait to plan another game night! 

Here is a video from our party.
What do you like to do on your girls night?