Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DIY Wardrobe

Those of you that follow me on Insta, already got a sneak peek of it{here}. I have been pretty quiet about the progress we've been making on our DIY wardrobe wall. Mainly, because it's taken us forever to get it all done. The hubby expected it take this long, but I always have lofty ideals as far as timing goes{and think things can get done in half the time:)}. Our wardrobe still needs a ton of work, but, I am SO happy to see it all assembled & in place. On the exterior we still need to paint the top molding & add crown molding to complete the floor to ceiling look we were after, as well as add pull handles. And on the inside, we need to add drawers & shoe trees for my mess of shoes to go in. 
We are picking out crown-molding & pull handles today, and I feel gitty & nervous over it{can't wait}. 

My inspiration for this little project came from Ikea's Pax wardrobe system. Have you seen it before?There are quite a few variations of this model & It's nice that you can customize the wardrobe to your needs. But, there are a couple things that really bothered me with the construction of this{like seeing holes on the sides & well just the faux wood in general}.After looking more into this system, we found out our bedroom dimensions wouldn't allow their cabinetry to fit seamlessly from wall to wall & floor to ceiling like I wanted it to{since it's meant for standard ceilings & ours are 9 foot}, so we kept on looking.
 Plus, their systems are super pricey, so I'm glad we went a different route. Ours, will look a little different when it's complete but this is what sparked this DIY adventure:). I really love how sturdy our wardrobe is & that if we decide to move: we can break it down & take it with us{not that we are planning to move anytime soon}. 
I will share some more photos once we've made some significant progress:).
Are you a fan of the Pax system?