Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holiday Fun

This year, Hayden's birthday actually falls on Easter{which also happens to be our church's General Conference}. So, this week has been full of traditions & birthday prepping. With Easter just a few days away, I decided to let the girl's do one of their favorite holiday traditions~which is decorating eggs. I also got to share one of my favorite Mexican traditions with them. I set them up with colors, markers, glitter, stickers and of course food coloring & let them create little masterpieces. 

They were so excited to get their little hands dirty and working on their eggs!

 We did two different types of eggs{hard-boiled & glitter-bomb}. I got the girls started on the hard-boiled eggs because they are much easier to decorate. While I started stuffing the hollowed-out eggs. 
Growing up the glitter stuffed eggs were my favorite. This is the first year my girl's get to do these eggs because I think they're finally at the age that they'll appreciate them. These are much more tedious to make since you have to make a hole and remove the egg, clean it & boil the shell. But they are totally worth the extra work{especially if you get to crack them on an unsuspecting loved one;)}. 

Here are some of our girl's favorites:
What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?