Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's Time To Share

So, you might have noticed the lack of posts happening around these parts the last few months & I just wanted to let you in on our big news...

We are so excited to be expecting another precious little baby this Fall! We seriously could not be any happier about it! I'm so sorry for my sparse posts guys, but the last few months have totally kicked my butt! I have just been trying to survive & to maintain some level of normalcy for my little family{& failing}!

 I don't know why but the nausea has gotten progressively worse with each pregnancy. I know it's bad to covet, but It would be so nice to have a sick-free pregnancy, devoid of pelvic issues{I get horrible Pelvic Girdle Pain}. But, I know that all of this is just temporary. I'm crossing my fingers the worst of the morning sickness{or in my case all-day-sickness} is behind me! But even if it's not, I am still so grateful for this wonderful blessing!  

We've had a couple ultrasounds so far, and every single time we are in there I am just so overwhelmed with love for this precious little baby growing inside me! And I'm reminded that all of this is going to be worth it! It's been so special sharing our ultrasound appointments with the girls this time around. Even though they still haven't met this little baby, they are constantly thinking of it throughout the day{every morning, they ask me to lay down so they can feel the baby}.

 I think my favorite part of this has been: the outpouring of love from my family..since I was so sick early on in the pregnancy, we had to sit our girlies down & explain what was happening. And the result has been & abundance of prayers for me to feel better as well as for the baby to continue to grow strong & healthy. I don't know why, but children's prayers are extra special to me & resonate with me so much more.

 I am so grateful for my little family and for the opportunity to be a family forever! I couldn't do it without their love, kindness & support! Now, I just have to be patient enough for the gender reveal;)! 

Any guesses? And if you have any advice with bringing home baby #3, I'm all ears:)! Thanks so much for reading!