Monday, April 6, 2015

Little Girls Room Makeover

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The last couple weeks I have been cleaning like a mad woman, trying to get some much needed deep cleaning and organization done. A midst that chaos, I decided I was going to finally finish re-decorating Mallorie's room{& if you're wondering, yes; getting side-tracked is a common problem of mine:)}. But her room was seriously in dire need of some TLC. Pretty much since we moved into our new place, she's only just had the bare necessities in her room. So, I thought It would be fun to give her room a little personality and really transform it & make it feel like hers. 
 I made her a cork gallery wall, so she can proudly display all her artwork, homework & pictures. Since, she is in Kindergarten she comes home with dozens of art papers & I want her to feel the joy of being creative & being able to reflect on her work.
I really wanted to have a seamless look for the cork, but the tiles were just a much better buy{you can find them Here}. I really, like the finished product, but I think eventually I will spray paint a cute  pattern or print in white/pink on the cork to make it custom & chic. 
I also added some much needed wall decor. This framed scripture warms my heart every time I look at it!{on sale here }
In the hopes of maintaining the clutter, I also purchased these white woven leather baskets{via Homegoods}, & I love the touch of elegance they bring into the room. Oh and because her room is predominantly white, I threw in a few splashes of color via these cute KLEENEX® Betsey Styled Single packs , bedding, drapes & wall accents.

Even-though Mallorie is now five years old, I love reminding her that she will always be my baby girl{she has sure grown up fast}. 
I tried to add lots of fun & girly pops throughout her decor via floral accents. 
 I bought these curtains ages ago but I still love them & I think they add the perfect touch of femininity to the room.
I also got this darling duvet cover to continue the theme of the room. I really love these soft pastels! Their whole collection is precious & timeless!
That wall decal above her bead is my favorite{it says: You are Extraordinary & Never stop Dreaming}! 
 And since we have a little artist, it's only fitting that we have her desk fully stocked with art supplies. That girl could stay in her room all day just coloring! 
I have plans to make her a kid sized upholstered sofa chair & create a reading nook but that will have to wait just a couple more weeks because I still have a lot of organizing & cleaning to do:).
Oh & you can find the KLEENEX®  Betsey Styled single packs & Styled Wallet 3 Packs in Kroger's Facial Tissue aisle:). 

 I hope you enjoyed my room makeover today! Let me know if you have any questions!
You can find more decor inspiration with KLEENEX® Here 
I'd love to hear about what inspires you!