Thursday, May 7, 2015

Imaginative Play & KidKraft

Something I have been a big advocate for my children over the years has been imaginative play. This is such a great opportunity for our children to expand their vocabularies, to explore other children's ideas and perspectives, as well as have positive social interaction with other children. One of my girl's all time favorite toy to play pretend with is a play kitchen. Wherever we go, they always seem to gravitate towards the play kitchen. 

When Mally was a toddler, we got her a flimsy little plastic play kitchen{it'd topple over whenever doors were opened}. It was really more trouble than it was worth & we ended up getting rid of it, soon after getting it. We have since upgraded to the Cadillac of kitchens.~we have this darling kitchen by KidKraft and it is absolutely a dream. We held out on a kitchen for a long time, for a couple reasons: I wanted to get a really great quality kitchen that we could have for years to come and I wanted both my girls to be able to get a lot of use out of it. Mally is almost six years old and even though she is not the tallest for her age she is significantly taller than Hayden {who is three years old}. We searched for a long time and had the hardest time finding tall play kitchens that would accomodate both of their heights as well as being large enough for both of them to play with it at once. Thankfully we found some precious ones from Kidkraft

The girls have had so much fun playing with their new kitchen{It's hands down their favorite toy}. I think Hayden plays with it a bit more, since the kitchen is in her room & Mally is off at school for part of the day. We put the kitchen in Hayden's room, so on days she isn't tired & doesn't want to take a nap, she can still do quiet time in her room. It's worked like a charm so far.

In case you are curious about the dimensions of the Uptown Pastel Kitchen, I measured it & it's 42 inches Tall & 46 inches Wide. This is one of the tallest kitchen's out there and one of the cutest too! I love this pastel theme & can't wait to get the matching washer & dryer set{here}.
The details on this Pastel Uptown Kitchen are one of the things I love the most. As well as the fact that the sink & knobs can be easily removed for cleaning. Because, yes, sticky fingers will inevitably get on the kitchen.
The girls haven't gotten a chance to break in the chalkboard that comes with the little kitchen, since all our chalk seems to have gone MIA this past week. But when we find it, I'm sure that will be a huge hit with my little artists.
 I don't know why but Hayden is obsessed with the little cell phone that comes with the kitchen. I hear her making all sorts of calls to grandma & grandpa at all hours of the day:). 
Since getting the play kitchen, I've seen a huge increase in the girls cooking vocabulary. I sat down with them the first day we got it & explained to them what the different parts of the kitchen & tools were. So, now they are well acquainted with all the different pieces of their kitchen & are starting to sound more & more like real chefs.
Now, I just have to paint her little table to match this pastel theme and she will be all set to cook & serve her "clients" as she likes to call me & daddy. 

I am so happy with this play kitchen, it is so stylish and incredibly sturdy!I know I won't have to worry about it toppling over on my girls. But more importantly my girls are head over heels in love with it! I don't see them growing old of it anytime soon.

We've been huge fans of Kidkraft for years, they make gorgeous high-quality children's toys & furniture for indoors & outdoors. Plus they have the most amazing no-fuss customer service on the planet{yes, on the planet:)}! If you'd like to see their latest collections be sure to checkout their site & Facebook page for fun giveaways!

A huge thanks to Kidkraft for sending us this precious kitchen! It's been exactly what we hoped for & more!