Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day! With the exception of speaking in church, I had a fantastic one! I don't know why, but public speaking will never be my thing.

But on a brighter note: Kyle and the girls spoiled me with breakfast in bed and beautiful cards before heading off to church. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the outdoors. It was a little bit of heaven! I love my little family! Motherhood has been the absolute happiest & most rewarding time of my life. As well as the most demanding and exhausting! Isn't it funny how the people & experiences you devote yourself the most to are the ones you cherish the most? I am so grateful for my mother and all the wonderful mothers in my life that have been role models in my life and taught me how to be a mother!

I wouldn't trade these two or our time together for anything in the world! Now that they are getting a little older, they are starting to get a little sass in them. It is just so funny to see their little personalities develop and the things they say from day-to-day. I have the sweetest little girls and I am so excited for them to meet baby #3. They are going to make the best older sisters!
How did you celebrate Mother's day?!