Wednesday, May 6, 2015

No Fuss Dinner With The Family

We had a fabulous no-fuss family dinner this last week at Buffalo Wings & Rings as part of a fun collaboration with #CollectiveBias Inc. & it's advertiser. #BuffaloWingsAndRings #ad;)

I love cooking but some nights it's just way too tempting to go out and enjoy a no-fuss dinner{& be able to return to a clean kitchen}. With my pregnancy cravings in full swing, we decided to head towards Buffalo Wings & Rings because I have an obsession with their buffalo style boneless wings, and they just came out with a brand new baseball theme menu that we were excited to check out. 
The hubby loves it when we come to this family friendly sports bar because he has an excuse to watch his favorite sports during dinner. 

Even though the kiddos are always excited for a dinner out at a restaurant, they usually get a bit restless halfway through their meal. So, this time around, I decided to make the girls a couple of easy games to keep them entertained throughout dinner. 
 I made this baseball word search printable & laminated it to make sure we could re-use it time & time again. And boy, I'm so glad I did! Mally loved it! I was surprised to see how well it kept her busy. 
 I also made this simple felt tic-tac-toe game that both girls could play with. 
 We ordered my beloved buffalo style wings as an appetizer.
 Then I had this amazing chorizo, jalapeno burger.
 Kyle was feeling adventurous and had this sweet & savory chicken~Jack'd Up Wings. It has Thai chili, bacon & caramel corn and scallions. He loved the unexpected mix of flavors and how moist the chicken was! But that's kind of to be expected with Buffalo Wings & Rings because they are all about quality, fresh food, no frozen food here{they even have a chef on staff to assure quality}.
 I think all in all, everyone had a really fun time. We all just relaxed and watched some sports, played games and enjoyed our meal. I love having these family outings! 

What is your favorite menu item from Buffalo Wings & Rings? When was the last time you went out with the whole family?