Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Transitioning Into A Booster~ With Chicco

As a parent safety is of the utmost priority. I still remember the day we were leaving the hospital with Mally, she was such a tiny little thing and I was so nervous about putting her in her car-seat. We only had about a 3 minute drive to our home. But, boy, I was so stressed that something might happen to her in the car and she would be terribly injured. Well, I'll tell you, Mally is now almost six years old and I still have some of those same thoughts and fears whenever she gets in the car. The difference is now, I am more confident in the gear she's in. 

You might remember we made the switch to Chicco's NextFit carseat for Hayden almost a year ago{Here}. And she has absolutely loved her cocoon of a car-seat. It is so comfortable and is just a dream to install. 

Well since then, Mally has decided she is too old for her car-seat and has been begging for a booster seat. I think in her mind she had envisioned a backless booster for herself but that just doesn't offer enough safety in my eyes{especially for her age}. 
We heard Chicco was continuing their success with their best selling KeyFit & NextFit and were coming out with the KidFit booster. It has an extendable high back that can transition into a backless booster{when the time's right}. Which we were thrilled about! 
The KidFit™ is equipped with a DuoZone™ Side-Impact Protection that has 10 positions of combined head and shoulder protection for growing children. I was really happy to see that they kept the SuperCinch® LATCH attachment feature in the KidFit™, because it makes installing/uninstalling such a breeze! You can seriously be done installing the car seat in under three minutes!
When Mallorie sat in it for the first time, she noticed right away the extra padding throughout the seat. It might not look like it at first glance, but this booster is packed with double foam padding, giving your little one comfort in all the right places.
 With baby #3 just a few months away, I am kind of glad we transitioned Mally to a booster seat. Even though it's a little hard for me to admit that my little girl is growing and needs more freedom, the KidFit is not as bulky as her old car seat and will make it possible for us to fit 3 seats across our tiny sedan.
 I think an SUV is in our horizon, our little car has served us well the last six years but we are quickly outgrowing it!
Speaking of outgrowing, do you know at what age your children should transition from car seat to booster? Below are some tips for keeping your most precious cargo safe & sound!
Is your child ready to transition to a booster?
If you want to learn more about Chicco and their amazing baby & kid gear be sure to visit their site. As well as their Facebook page for news & giveaways!

A special thanks to Chicco for making this transition a little bit easier & for powering this collaboration! The booster is a dream & Mallorie absolutely loves it!