Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Moment For Me

Today I am letting you in on one of my favorite 'Me' Time moments as part of a collaboration with #CollectiveBias inc. & it's advertisers. #ArtisanFlavors #ad;)
I think as you start to have children & your family continues to grow, it can be really easy to forget about one's self. Being a mother demands so much of you & your time. And, even though it will be the most rewarding thing I do in my life & in the lives of my children: I know I have to take my 'Me time', whenever I can get it.  Sometimes my 'Me' time consists of taking a walk while listening to my favorite music, other days it is finishing up a crafting project... Today, It was enjoying a few minutes of quiet{during nap time} & pouring my thoughts into a journal while enjoying a decadent treat{Häagen Dazs® Artisan Collection}.

I realize that I don't take enough of these moments for myself when I have the opportunities to do so. I often find ways to fill my time with work or with cleaning. And although those are all productive & good things, It feels so nice to just rest from it all & do something for yourself{just because you enjoy doing it}.  
Speaking of things I enjoy...have you tried the new Häagen Dazs® Artisan Collection? My favorite is the Tres Leches Brigadeiro ice cream~ It's divine! It's a twist on a Brazilian tradition, and it's so so good! Häagen Dazs® teamed up with six passionate artisans to create a gourmet experience through rich flavors & the finest ingredients.

I think this will be my go-to treat all summer! Now, I just have to figure out a way to keep the hubby from consuming it all! I was gushing over the Chocolate caramelized oat ice cream the other day & I gave him a try...well one spoonful turned into him eating half the pint{lesson learned:)}. 

Before I forget, I wanted to share this amazing giveaway going on right now. 
Häagen Dazs #ArtisanFlavors Contest 

If you are looking for sweet & decadent dessert this summer, be sure to check out Häagen Dazs® Artisan Collection. I found mine at Walmart:).

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What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?