Monday, June 29, 2015


Hello! This weekend we got a head-start on birthday celebrations for the hubby. We headed off to the Mammoth caves in Kentucky, and did our fair share of exploring. We were lucky enough to have friends come camping with us, so it made the experience even more fun & memorable! 
It felt like everywhere we looked there was a gorgeous backdrop...
 and un-timid wild life! The girls were in heaven.
 This was the first time we had all gone camping together, so I was a bit nervous the girls would not enjoy it. Hayden had a hard time adjusting to sleeping on the ground, but I think overall they loved it! 
 I was surprised how well everyone did on the hikes and cave exploring. We did opt for shorter distances and tours because an hour and half seemed like a stretch with little ones.  
 If it had just been Kyle & I, I would have like to do one of their longer tours(2-4 hrs), where they need a canoe to explore, or get to go repelling. But being in my third trimester, I knew my adventuring would be very limited. All in all though it was a blast!!
 I'd love to find a good rock climbing place in the area, not for right now of course , but for a few months after we have our baby. It would be so fun to get away with Kyle for a weekend and do something just for the two of us:)!  We are still pretty new to the area, so if you have any suggestions for fun outdoorsy areas, please do tell:)!