Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kids Chair Makeover + Upholstery Tips

This week is starting to feel very productive. We are making our way through our to-do lists and finally tackling some projects that have been accumulating dust in the garage. You might remember I mentioned having bought a kids chair from a thrift store a while back. Well, I've finally re-upholstered the chair! Yay! What do you think? Not bad for a $10 dollar chair right?
I wish I could show you the hideous animal camouflage fabric this chair came with, but since I started this project a month ago, I've lost the picture. Sorry!
 I started this project with lofty goals, wanting to finish the project in four hours. But after the first hour of pulling 200+ nails & staples and only getting through the back portion of the chair I was exhausted & called it quits. After a few more hours of removing the fabric, I was left with old yellow batting. I removed most of it but the bit that I did salvage, I sprayed down with disinfectant spray then stapled new batting into place.  If you would like a detailed step by step upholstery tutorial be sure to click here.
This is my third chair re-upholstery, and I feel like I learn something new every time!
This time around, I learned the importance of having a plan. Meaning: knowing how and where you are going to pull, tuck & fold the fabric to best fit the style of your chair. I had to do a lot of re-adjusting on this chair to make sure the print on the fabric stayed looking even. 
I was admittedly a bit lazy with this project. I should have probably added boning to the arm rest, but I didn't have it on hand and I really wanted to wrap this project up. And, I can always add it in the future if I change my mind... I just have to remove the four staples I put in each armrest & put it in place & re-staple the fabric.

 Here is what the back looks like.
I think Mallorie is going to love her new chair:)!
Let me know if you have any upholstery questions! I would love to answer them:)!
Thanks again for stopping by!