Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our Beautiful, Sometimes Wild & Always Messy Life

We had another beach day yesterday. The girls split their time between searching for shells, chasing dogs, building sand castles and jumping in & out of the water.  And they could not have been happier! In spite of the cold ocean water, they were determined to get in, I took one foot in and about died from the shocking temperature. I am in awe of all their energy and their tenacity for life!
We all started out in our coats at the beginning of the day but as the day progressed we all seem to shed our layers off, even though the temperature remained constant throughout the day.
 Mallorie has started taking her big sis role pretty serious these days. She is getting so responsible and helpful & I for one hope this never ends!
 Of course, no beach outing would be complete without an ample amount of sand throwing. Why is this a must-do activity? Don't they know it is crazy hard to get sand out of hair? Apparently not, because they repeatedly do this. I think Hayden got the worst of it in her face because she kept trying to rub it away with her muddy hands. Poor thing.
Luckily, we always have Huggies baby wipes on-hand because we know kids outgrow diapers, not messes*.  Doesn't it feel like the biggest unexpected messes are always when you're on-the-go? What I like most about Huggies triple clean technology is that it's safe for my kiddos. I never have to worry about exposing my girls to harmful chemicals. Now that summer is upon us and the kiddos are spending more time outdoors, I can see how I'll be needing to stock up on these.

My mom adores these wipes, and actually has them readily accessible for us every time we come visit. And although, I don't personally do this at home, it is totally practical!  I know they will be in a slew of baby baskets throughout our home in just a few short months when baby#3 arrives, but maybe we should adopt this into our home decor a little sooner!