Sunday, June 14, 2015


 We got to spend some time with family in Rosarito this last week. Their place was beautiful and so relaxing and of course so much fun! I think we are going to have a tough time transitioning back into our life in Ohio! I feel like we've had a years worth of trips jam-packed into this two week vacation and are feeling incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to visit with friends and family!
The girls wanted to spend every day at the beach playing in the sand and waves but eventually saw that there were so many fun alternatives...Like horse back riding! Mally has been taking riding lessons this year and is very comfortable riding, but Hayden is only just turned three years old so she hasn't had the same time on a horse that Mally has and was in awe of the opportunity to ride a horse. I was a little worried at first, but they did great!
We stayed with Erick & Maribel and felt beyond spoiled all week! It's so fun visiting with them, plus Maribel might be one of the world's best cooks{she makes amazing asian & mexican cuisine}! They are so loving and such great parents & grandparents! Wish I could take them back home with me to Ohio!
The girls also got to play with cousins{which they don't get the privilege of doing often} and it was a non-stop party all-day/everyday. We'll miss you too sweet boys!!!

So, long Rosarito, we will miss you!