Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wardrobe Completion~ DIY PAX

While we were gone on our trip, the hubby finished the last few shelves in the wardrobe. I still have some organizing to do, but it's done! Every time I see it, I am in awe of what the hubby built from scratch. Isn't he amazing? Our wardrobe dimensions are 20 ft x 9 ft x 3 ft. Because we were taking such a huge chunk out of the main bedroom area for the wardrobe, I knew we needed to utilize mirrors to reflect more light into the room and give the illusion of a larger space. I love the overall effect! Doesn't it look sophisticated and timeless?

I've talked before about how Pax wardrobe was the inspiration for our built-ins. And there were a lot of Pros to going with their system, but the dimensions would not work in our room. I think it's ideal for smaller spaces. Plus, it would have been crazy expensive to do it in our bedroom. 
Originally, I wanted to have large chunky handles for the wardrobe, but had a hard time finding the exact kind I had envisioned. But after weeks of looking, we fell in love with these long stainless steel handles from Ikea.
This middle wardrobe has a vanity section that I'm still trying to put the finishing touches on & so it's currently empty. The hubby is trying to persuade me to put a flat screen in here, we will see what happens:). Ps. I love these drawers~they're huge, they were a pain to make, but totally worth it!
All five wardrobes have a shelf at the top. The hubby laughs because I'm a shorty and need a stool to reach all the contents of that shelve. But I love having my shoes there!
This wardrobe is also my sewing area. Love my sewing machine being here! Now, I can quickly mend my clothing instead of having to go all the way downstairs to our craft area.
I really like the drawer at the bottom, it makes the wardrobe feel more custom.
The last wardrobe, is for coats, dresses and accessories. 
I'm so happy with the finished product! Hopefully the next family that lives in our home will appreciate this wardrobe as much as I do:)!