Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated Kyle's birthday yesterday. We have been celebrating all week, aren't birthdays more fun that way? 
We had Kyle's favorite: Oreo ice cream to kick off the evening. Maybe one day, I'll actually attempt making these at home:).
I am so grateful for this guy! He is such a great daddy to our girls and a better husband than I had ever hoped for! I thought our love for each other could not possibly grow any further on our wedding day. But, boy, was I wrong{& oh so naive}! I am so lucky to be sealed for time & all eternity to this wonderful man! 

And in honor of Kyle's 33rd birthday I want to share 10 things you may not know about him:).

1. Kyle loves reading business books in his down time. 
2. He taught himself how to play the guitar in his teens, and now likes to occasionally serenade us girls when he gets off of work.
3.Kyle is fluent in Samoan, and was pretty set on teaching our kids Samoan for the first couple years of our marriage:).
4. Kyle is the most goal oriented person I know. He loves to jot down his goals & track his process every month. 
5. He is a planner, and often has a detailed plan for the weekends & upcoming holidays. We are opposites in that aspect.
6. He is very organized & clean. His wardrobe usually puts mine to shame, it is just always in order!Yup, I'm the messy one in our relationship;).
7. If money was irrelevant, we would probably be living on an island, playing in the water, & exploring for the rest of our lives.
8. Kyle is very athletic, and is usually good at any sport he does{this is used to annoy me when we were first married, but now I'm just in awe of him:)}.
9. Kyle is the farthest thing from a picky eater. He loves pretty much everything!
10. Kyle is very logical, calm & kind! It is almost impossible to get a rise out of him! I love how even-tempered & dependable he is!

^Happy Birthday Kyle! Love you so much!!!