Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July Fun

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! Ours was quite busy, but so much fun! It is always great when you get to spend time with family, friends & eat lots of yummy food!  
We started our morning at a ward picnic visiting with friends & then followed that up with the Fourth of July parade. 
 The girls had no idea that they were going to get candy that day, so you can imagine their excitement when they started seeing the candy thrown their way! 
 After birthday celebrations, we got to have dinner at the Meting Pot. The hubby had been trying to convince me to go for a while now, but for some reason It never sounded enticing. I'm glad we finally went because it was a really fun experience. We went with our friends {Jake & Sanita} so, it was just the perfect blend of great conversation & food!
 After dinner, we came home to play lawn games & do fireworks. Which in my book, is the perfect way to end the evening:)!
 Thanks again Jake & Sanita for letting us hijack your holiday! We loved having you both in town!
How do you like to spend your Fourth of July? Do you have any fun family traditions?