Monday, July 13, 2015

Fun At The Children's Museum

We've had the grandparents in town this past week & it's been so fun having their company & partying all night long! We've missed our game-nights! On Saturday, we made our way downtown & visited the Children's museum. Typically, we go for the little kiddos but on this trip they had an All Star Gala going on & special sports exhibit indoors.  So all of the adults were thoroughly entertained!
We stopped by all of the girls favorite spots & let them ignite their imagination & creativity.
I'm a huge Fed fan, so of course I couldn't resist snapping a pic with him;).

The boys spent a majority of their time at the pitching cages trying to see their fastest pitches. 
We let our little monkeys run around in the woods for a while to get some of their energy out. 

The girl's favorite spot was the timed races. This exhibit reminded me how much I miss running! Only a few more months until I can get back to running! Woohoo! 
Do you have a children's museum near by? We absolutely love ours!