Thursday, July 30, 2015

Piñata Tutorial + La Merienda

Today I'm teaming up with #CollectiveBias inc, & its advertisers to share an easy Piñata tutorial & talk a little bit about la Merienda & what it means to me. #FunSizeMerienda #ad:). As always all opinions are mine alone!
Now that my girls are getting older, I have been making a greater effort to incorporate my Mexican heritage into our every day life. Something that we like to do during la merienda is crafts{paired with a good amount of sweetness of course}.
La merienda is a traditional Latin American snack break which can be taken either between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. This is special because it's a time often shared with others, where you sit down at the table & savor a snack. This tradition is about taking a moment to relax & to fully appreciate food, family, friends, which fills you with a thankful spirit. Ideally, all meals should be this way, but I know in our home meals can get hectic quick{mainly because of my two picky eaters:)}. So, I am really glad that we set aside this time & reinforce our love for one another, plus it's really fun!

With our villains party quickly approaching, I thought it'd be fun to make a poisoned apple Piñata. My girls love anything where they can get their hands dirty, so of course they were thrilled! You can get pretty fancy with the art of piñata-making but for today's tutorial we are going to stick to the basics. 
Step One: is cutting your paper, I like to use party streamers but you can use just about anything{including newspaper for the base}. 
Step Two: Decide on adhesive. I had some glue on hand, so I mixed 1-4oz bottle of glue with 1/2 cup of water & mixed thoroughly. 
Step Three: Blow up a balloon & start covering it in paper to create the mold/base~the stickier the better! You'll do this until it is completely covered in wet sticky paper.
Step Four: Once the base is complete, set outside to dry. 
We used this time to start enjoying some of our treats:). The Fun Size MARS chocolates are a family favorite. It comes with my all time favorite bar~ the Twix® as well as the girl's favorites M&M's®. 
Step Five: Add the second layer of paper to your balloon. 
Step Six: Cut a small hole to stuff the pinata with candy. {we did ours at the top}
I got the yummy chocolates from the candy aisle at Walmart. 
Step Seven: Add a hook through your candy hole{a bent metal hanger usually does the trick}. We didn't have any on hand so you'll have to use your imagination for this step;).
And that's it, you're done! Easy right?
So what kind of things do you like to do with your family during la merienda{snack time}?