Monday, July 27, 2015

Playing Dress Up

I told the girls we could have a heroes & villains party this upcoming Friday & invite all their friends. So, of course they haven't been able to stop talking about it & have been rummaging through all their princess dresses to see which ones they will wear for the big day.  

I still remember the first princess costume I bought Mallorie, she had just turned 18 months & had the cutest little bob haircut, so of course we opted for a snow white costume. Fast forward five years later and we now have a very robust costume line up. We still have that little dress & I often see Hayden gallivanting around the house in it. I'll be honest, I was never really big into playing dress up as a kid. I was much more interested in playing outside, climbing trees, & probably getting into a good amount of mischief. Which is why I think it's funny that I now have two very girly girls!

I can't complain, these girls are adorable! They definitely got me beat on imagination & creativity. They create the funniest stories to act out & definitely know how to commit to a role! 

The most common phrase I hear as they play pretend is "whoosh, you're frozen", followed by lots of giggles. We currently only have one "Elsa" Ice princess costume{which has been the center of much tears}, sometimes when I order things online, I forget that two identical things are better than one:)
I adore Hayden's blue rose dress, doesn't she look just like Cinderella?
And Mallorie's Ice princess dress is spot-on with Elsa's costume from Frozen. I've been really impressed with the quality of the fabric & the gorgeous details of both dresses. 
One of the hardest things with costume dresses is finding some that not only fit my very petite little girls, but that are also modest. Thankfully these dresses make the cut on both accounts;).
This is the true test of a costume dress: wearability. Can they wear it all day without complaints? I don't know how many dresses I've bought only to have my girls say they irritate their skin five minutes into wearing them. Thankfully these pass the comfort test!
If you've already begun your Halloween costume shopping or just want to add a few classics to your collection be sure to check out KidKraft's new dress up collection{Here}.
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