Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pregnancy+ Nutrition

 I was so curious as to the types of foods I would crave this pregnancy. My previous pregnancies I had cravings for fries & fry-sauce{not the healthiest thing in the world by any means} but as many of you know: cravings are hard things to stifle. I am now 28 weeks into this pregnancy and the most "craved" for food so far has been protein{mainly steak & fish} & salads. It's interesting to me how my palette has changed this pregnancy to accommodate my growing baby. My body clearly trying to tell me to up my nutrition.  Especially when I was in the first trimester & nausea was still out in full force. 
Now that the nausea has mostly subsided, I've been striving to play more with my girls & do more exploring with them. As a result, this past month we've spent more time outside the home than in it{which has been really fun}. One thing I've had to be sure to do though, is pack plenty of good food with us{especially for baby#3 who is completely dependent upon me}. I found the key to maintaining my energy levels throughout the day is to eat every couple hours. My current favorite for on-the-go days is this orange juice by Bundle Organics

A couple things I really appreciate is that they have a full line of USDA organic juices for expecting & new moms, designed with top OB-GYN & dieticians. Each providing the necessary boost of vitamins & minerals essential for healthy prenatal development, which complement your daily prenatal vitamin. 
Not only are these an awesome way to simplify your nutrition but they're super tasty too!
If you are looking to boost your nutrition during your pregnancy or when you're nursing, be sure to check these out! Bundle Organics is currently offering My Simple Modest Chic readers 15% off their orders{with code: MODEST15}, enjoy!

I'm interested to see if you've tried these. Do you have a favorite?